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At Terra Mandarin Preschool, we believe in living in the present moment and celebrating every child while they are young, impressionable and purely joyful. Terra Mandarin is the second Mandarin immersion preschool I have had the pleasure to start, so I have seen how fast the time goes and how important being fully present at this formative time in a child's life truly is. We often see families focusing on the future at the expense of the now.


At Terra Mandarin, the now is cherished, nurtured and celebrated, because these are the years when habits are formed. Children's brains at this age are malleable and extremely adept at learning new languages at an exceptionally quick rate. And the gift of a second (or third) language will only benefit our children as they find their way in this increasingly globalized world.


I feel extremely grateful and excited to have an opportunity to share in a families experience, as they watch the magic unfold before their eyes while their child grows and discovers themselves and their world. It's a truly special time!

wendy xa, founder & HEad of SChool

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